A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

All cool felines need to star in their own epic adventure!

Popsicat is an adventure-shoot em' up game in which you play as a cute cat made of ice! As cool as he can be, he cannot stay away from the cool zones for too long! Guide him through the warm levels and make your way through a lot of heated enemies!


-Classic pixel-2D adventure shoot-em' up goodness!

-Avoid melting by finding cool Zones!

-Grab Ice Cream Coins to level up and increase your Max Coolness!

-Find power-ups to increase your firepower (and flavor!!)

The project is still on prototype phase and will be constantly updated and improved! More cool adventures await you!


Genaro Vallejo Reyes @GenaroGenon


The music in the game is from Bomberman Hero (1998) which was developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo. The soundtrack was composed by Jun Chikuma. Hopefully will be replaced with my own music in a later update!


Move........WASD / Arrow keys

Shoot.......Space / Left Mouse Click

Install instructions

1.-Unzip the files.

2.- Open the application and set the game on fullscreen and max resolution!


Popsicat Mac Build Beta 1.5.zip 16 MB
Popsicat PC Beta 1.5.zip 14 MB

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